Phá Kén Vietsub, Insect Detective (2020)

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Diễn viên: Trương Diệu,Sở Nguyệt,Mã Khải,Đổng Kỳ,
Thời lượng: 45 phút/tập
Trạng thái: Tập 24 VietSub
Năm sản xuất: 2020
Quốc gia:
Thể loại: Phim Hành động,
( 8 điểm /  6  lượt)

Phá Kén Tập 5,6 VietSub, Insect Detective (2020)

Review Phá Kén VietSub, Insect Detective (2020)

Phá Kén VietSub, Insect Detective (2020) is a thrilling crime drama that follows the story of Tan Jingtian, a graduate student specializing in Entomology, who gets entangled in a mysterious case. While assisting the police in solving the crime, he develops a romantic relationship with forensic scientist Kim Linh and uncovers the secrets of his own identity, exposing a hidden mastermind who has been on the run for years.

The series revolves around a series of mysterious deaths that the police are investigating, all caused by a rare insect called the bullet ant. In order to prove his worth, Tan Jingtian joins the investigation and teams up with forensic scientist Jin Ling. As they delve deeper into the case, they unravel the mysteries behind his own identity. Together with police captain Chen Han and other detectives, they follow every lead to solve each case and uncover the elusive murderer who has been evading capture for years.

Phá Kén VietSub, Insect Detective (2020) stands out with its intriguing plot and well-developed characters. The series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its suspenseful storytelling and unexpected twists. The chemistry between Tan Jingtian and Kim Linh adds a touch of romance to the intense crime-solving narrative, making it a well-rounded and engaging watch.

One of the highlights of the series is its attention to detail when it comes to the world of entomology. The show incorporates fascinating facts about insects and their behavior, adding an educational element to the thrilling storyline. This unique combination of crime-solving and entomology creates a refreshing and captivating viewing experience.

Furthermore, the production value of Phá Kén VietSub, Insect Detective (2020) is top-notch. The cinematography is visually stunning, capturing the intricate details of the crime scenes and the beauty of the natural world. The performances by the cast are commendable, with each actor bringing depth and authenticity to their respective roles.

In conclusion, Phá Kén VietSub, Insect Detective (2020) is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and those interested in entomology. With its gripping storyline, well-developed characters, and educational elements, this series offers a unique and captivating viewing experience. Whether you're a fan of suspenseful crime-solving or simply enjoy learning about insects, this show is sure to entertain and educate.


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