Lưu Ly Mỹ Nhân Sát Vietsub, Love And Redemption (2020)

Đạo diễn: Doãn Đào,Mạch Quán Chi
Diễn viên: Thành Nghị,Viên Băng Nghiên,Lưu Học Nghĩa,Trương Dư Hi,Bạch Chú,Hầu Mộng Dao,Hoàng Hựu Minh,Lý Tuấn Dật,Hà Thịnh Minh,Hà Trung Hoa,Hàn Thừa Vũ,Chu Tử Kiêu
Thời lượng: 45 phút/tập
Trạng thái: Tập 59 VietSub
Năm sản xuất: 2020
Quốc gia:
( 8.63 điểm /  136  lượt)

Lưu Ly Mỹ Nhân Sát VietSub, Love And Redemption (2020)

Lưu Ly Mỹ Nhân Sát (Love And Redemption) is a Chinese television series adapted from the famous novel by Thập Tứ Lang. The series is directed by Doãn Đào and Mạch Quán Chi.

The story revolves around a young girl named Chử Toàn Cơ, who is born with a disability that affects her six senses. Despite her limitations, she possesses extraordinary powers of hearing, sight, speech, smell, and perception. Alongside her fellow disciples from Ly Trạch Cung, Nang and Vũ Tư Phượng, they face numerous challenges and hardships together. Their love is tested by the schemes from their past lives, but they remain steadfast in holding each other's hands and facing the storms of life.

Chử Toàn Cơ, portrayed by Viên Băng Nghiên, is the daughter of Chử Lỗi, the leader of Thiếu Dương sect, one of the five major sects in the world of cultivation. Together with her twin sister Chử Linh Lung and their senior brother Chung Mẫn Ngôn, they encounter Vũ Tư Phượng, a disciple of Ly Trạch Cung and a member of the Kim Sí Điểu clan. Despite her initial indifference and lack of understanding of human emotions, Chử Toàn Cơ is moved by the unwavering love of Vũ Tư Phượng, experiencing the bittersweet taste of love. She transforms from a lazy and apathetic person to someone who learns to love, think beyond herself, and take on responsibilities.

Throughout the series, Chử Toàn Cơ gradually uncovers her past life memories and finds answers to the mysterious events in her life.

The main cast of Love And Redemption includes:

1. Viên Băng Nghiên: Born in 1992, Viên Băng Nghiên has appeared in several popular films such as Tương Dạ, Lão Cửu Môn, and Thính Tuyết Lâu. Her portrayal of Chử Toàn Cơ showcases her innocence and purity, capturing the essence of the character.

2. Thành Nghị: Thành Nghị, born in 1990, has gained recognition through his roles in Tru Tiên - Thanh Vân Trí, Đạo Mộ Bút Ký II, and Bất Khả Tư Dị. In Love And Redemption, he plays Vũ Tư Phượng, a rational and unromantic man who sacrifices everything for Chử Toàn Cơ.

3. Trương Dư Hy: Trương Dư Hy, known for her beauty and talent, has made a name for herself in films such as Không thể Ôm Lấy Em, Công Chúa Tôi Yêu, and Như Ý Truyện. In Love And Redemption, she portrays Chử Linh Lung, Chử Toàn Cơ's twin sister, who is straightforward and protective of her mischievous sister.

4. Lưu Học Nghĩa: Lưu Học Nghĩa, a graduate of the Central Academy of Drama, has showcased his acting skills in Tru Tiên - Thanh Vân Chí and Thiên Kê Chi Bạch Xà Truyền Thuyết. In Love And Redemption, he plays the dual roles of Hạo Thần and Bạch Đế, displaying his versatility as an actor.

5. Bạch Chú: Bạch Chú, a graduate of the Shanghai Theatre Academy, has left a lasting impression on audiences through his performances in Thính Tuyết Lâu, Thiên Long Bát Bộ, and Học Viện Siêu Sao. In Love And Redemption, he portrays Đằng Xà, a powerful creature who is both a divine beast and a spiritual beast to Chử Toàn Cơ.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the performances of the main cast, as they bring their characters to life and add depth to the story. With their talent and dedication, they are expected to deliver compelling performances that will captivate audiences.

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